Three Career Paths to Consider with a Degree in Arts and Design from an NC University 

Do you love photography? Does your heart lie in being creative with a paintbrush? Are you an amazing artist? Then perhaps pursuing a degree in arts and design would be a viable option. NC Universities are well-known for their stellar arts and design programs, each with a plethora of classes to help you perfect your craft.

Photography colleges in North Carolina

In this article, we cover how you can break into one of three fulfilling career paths, all with an artsy spin.

There are dozens of colleges to choose from with specialties that span an array of creative interests. Photography colleges in North Carolina, for instance, are great places to hone your creative prowess with a camera. Anything you want to do, you can bet there’s a learning environment to support it.

1. Interior Designer

Interior designers are known for their functional and beautiful designs and ideas within a home. You would learn about color psychology, the best lighting and fixtures, and decorative elements that would help you succeed as a designer. Some interior designers are also in charge of drawing up and executing blueprints.

2. Professional Wedding Photographer

Wedding photographers are in charge of capturing the happiest moments of a couple’s nuptials. This includes the arrival of guests, the vows themselves, the first kiss as a married couple, and the fun of the reception afterward.

3. Florist

Also known as floral designers, florists beautify the world with arrangements of fresh, dried, or silk flowers and other greenery in beautiful vases. They are the highlight of events like Valentine’s Day and anniversaries.

This shortlist of arts and design careers brush the surface of what a degree could do. If you feel inspired, then we did our job in writing a motivational article for the artists in our midst.

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